Making dreams come true

Oldham is full of inspirational people. People who are kind, who are generous, and who go over and above to do something special for our town and for the communities they live in.

There are also people in our borough who, sadly, have experienced hardship in their lives and who deserve the chance to experience something special for themselves.

That is why, instead of selecting charities to support with donations over the next 12 months, I aim to make as big an impact on people’s lives as I can in during my time as Mayor and why I am set to launch “Truly Wished”.

Over the course of my Mayoral year in 2023-24, I will be inviting people across Oldham to nominate someone who deserves to have their wishes granted .

All you will have to do to make a nomination is let us know why your nominee deserves to be chosen, what their wish is, and how it would make a difference to them.

All wishes up to a maximum value of £500 will be eligible for consideration, with the final decision on which wishes are granted set to be made by my Mayoral Committee.

I’ll be aiming to grant as many wishes as possible throughout my Mayoral year, with the only limit being the generosity of our local businesses or organisations who have joined Truly Wished as our partners.

I will also be donating my full Mayoral allowance to the cause, and will have no influence or involvement in the decision making of wish fulfilment.

Stay tuned for more updates and until then, take care and I hope to see you all soon.

Mayor Cllr. Dr Zahid Chauhan OBE, FRCGP

Make a wish come true