Make a Wish

Sadly, we all know of someone who has experienced hardship, or deserves the chance to experience something special in their life.

Through Truly Wished you can nominate someone in Oldham who deserves their wishes to come true.

Help us bring happiness and improve lives during this cost-of-living crisis.

Nominate someone who is struggling or selflessly caring for others, or community groups seeking to improve their local area.

Your nominations will make a difference by enhancing the lives, well-being and prospects of residents who deserve to have their wishes granted.

Let’s do something special together and make their dreams a reality.


For nominations to be eligible they must help someone or a community to:

  • have a learning opportunity
  • get a decent job or to stay in work
  • have a decent home environment
  • keep healthy and safe
  • have a clean, green and healthy environment
  • take part in activities to boost physical and mental health
  • take part in activities to boost community spirit

You could nominate:

  • a neighbour whose child doesn’t have a bike
  • a family who hasn’t been able to go out and enjoy a meal together
  • a family who doesn’t have a digital device to help with their children’s homework
  • a community project who want to deliver some community activities
  • the installation of a defibrillator in your community
  • a family who need some gardening equipment to help them make their garden an enjoyable place to be

The limit for each wish is up to £500 and a person or group may only be granted one wish.

The Mayor of Oldham, with the help of the Mayoral Committee, is aiming to raise as much money and donations as he can during the Mayoral Year so that as many wishes as possible can be fulfilled.


You can nominate someone by completing the Truly Wished Nomination Form on the Action Together website:

To nominate someone you will need to tell us

  • Who you would like to nominate
  • What their wish is
  • Why you would like their wish to be granted
  • What category you think the wish falls into
  • What difference it would make to their life

After you apply

All nominations will be reviewed and considered by the Mayoral Committee (facilitated by Action Together) on a monthly basis and a decision on each application will be made.

We aim to notify you of the outcome of your nomination by email within 10 working-days.

For clarity, the Mayor of Oldham will play no part in the consideration process.

Closing date

The closing date for nominations will be 1st March 2024

We may need to close this fund once all available funds have been awarded.


If you have any questions about the nomination process or would like some support to complete the application form please contact the Oldham Grants Team:

Privacy notice

Details of what the information you provide will be used for and how it will be handled can be found on the Oldham Council website: